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Full Version: We have a new baby..
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My husband's mare, Beauty, foaled either last night or early, early this morning! We were pretty surprised...of course I cried. It's our first foal ever! A precious little filly. We kept checking Beauty for the "signs" and yesterday her udder and teats were very full, but no dripping or waxy stuff! Didn't notice any thing really different from the day before. She delivered in the corral on a big patch of leftover hay. We didn't have the pasture gate closed because we just didn't think it was that close...and that's where we first saw her with the little darling. They're out in the pasture now with our other two mares and all are getting along just great! Actually, the other two mares seem protective of mother and baby...they kept trying to stay between us and the new family. Don't know if that's normal behavior or what, but we took the hint and are leaving them be for today. I found what's left of the "sack" and afterbirth and also the foal's first poop. We saw some buzzards and/or big crows all around the corral this morning which is not a normal sight, so we figure they got off with everything. Anyway, we're open to any suggestions for a name if anyone would like to nominate one. The momma's name is Two M Chiefs Beauty and the sire's name is Colonel Shad. One suggestion we got already is "Beauty's Bell". Oooooooooh, I'm so excited!! Well, here's the proud momma and baby.

[Image: d533bb2d.jpg]
Hey, congratulations! She really is a beauty. Beauty's Bell or Beauty's Belle? Sounds good. What would you call her, Bell(e)?
She's gorgeous!
Or, how about Beauty's Texas Belle?
AWWWW!! She's beatiful! Congrats!! [clap]
Ohhhh so pretty!!!!
What a pretty baby! Momma's not to bad herself. Isn't it just a miracle?
Beautiful Baby. Glad everything went well.

How about "Too Much Beauty"

Did you notice her canon bones are the same length as her Mom's?
What a cutie! Congrats!
She's gorgeous. I vote for Beauty's Belle.....and Belle for short!

How is she colored on her other side?

Thank you all for the compliments and suggestions for her name. I really like them. And it would be spelled Belle if that's what we end up with. But I like "Too Much Beauty" too! Hmmm, decisions, decisions. [?] Appygirl, she's pretty much the same on her other side. The white isn't quite as high up on her other side. And, Hook, if the cannon bones are what I think they are (is it the part of the leg between the hocks and hooves?), yes. I told my husband that I think she's gonna be a tall drink of water! [Smile] Now we need to study the books to decide if she's an Overo or what. We're new at this, ya know! Hubby had QH's in Arizona and isn't too familiar with Paints and I'm a TOTAL greenhorn! Well, I'll be sure to post a picture of my mare's foal when she does her thing! By the way Hook, isn't your mare overdue by a week or so?
She is so cute. Could you do me a favor and have the mare call up Jazz and tell her to hurry up and foal! lol

If you have a couple of good photos of both sides and her face, and a list of what her mom and dad are I could help with the pattern. She does look to have some overo in her but what one is a little hard to tell from that photo.
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