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Full Version: Meet Phoenix
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I am using this thread to introduce you to Phoenix.
If you want to make conformation comments, go ahead.
But I will actually be asking for them in a future thread, when the little freak will stand still for proper conformation shots! LOL
All she wanted to do today was play. I swear, even Chase was shaking his head, as she ripped around him.

So here is Phoenix

[Image: DSC00993.jpg]

[Image: DSC00939.jpg]

[Image: DSC00937.jpg]

[Image: DSC01023.jpg]

[Image: DSC00893.jpg]

[Image: DSC00998.jpg]
Btw, I guess I should add:
Comming 3 in june
pmu foal, we think mostly tb.

Mtn rider. Phoenix is a very nice 3 year old. I like your action shots. Hard to do the conformation thing at from the pictures but she certainly has class.

We have a two year old filly named Lottie ( AKA - A Lot of Supreme)who could be her twin. Lottie's Father, AQHA Supreme Champion, Lucks Easy Fantaboy, is half thoroughbred and her mother is a daughter of another Supreme Champion, Gold Seeker Bars, whose father was the thoroughbred Three Bars. You can certainly see the sprinting thoroughbred in her.

Your filly looks to be a well-bred horse and it might be worth while to see if you can trace her pedigree.
Beautiful shots! I wish I could make my gelding run for the camera....he just wants to stand still LOL!
What a cutie!!! And yay for rescuing a PMU foal. I'm so jealous. And I'm with Naddya: I wish my horse would play for the camera! He just shoves me out of the shots and poses. lol
Beautiful horse. I'm lousy at conformation, but certainly has the striking eye appeal without picking things apart.

Are you able to go back and get registration/find out lineage? Sometimes it's possible with the PMUs. Don't think there would be a lot for adoption if they all looked like Phoenix![Big Grin]