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Full Version: MY QH DIAGO
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[Image: diago_047.jpg]
PLEASE BE HONEST. I didnt buy him to show. But if it is possible with this horse would like to later on down the line. He is not registered but is 6yrs. old. Thanks.
You obviously take excellent care of your horse.
Nicely balanced.
Thanks Boots. Me and husband are really green. So i listen to anything anyone with more experience has to offer. Do you think he could show?
What classes would you show him in?
Open or Breed shows?

Also, just a tip (you probably already know this) - please don't tie Diago by his reins. Hate to see something spook him. [Sad]
I am not really sure about classes or anything about showing? But if he looked good enough to do it then maybe i would google to find out what i needed to know. And yes thanks for the tip about the reins. The first pic taken of him. Havent come real far but have learned about tying up from other members of the forum. Not from experience thankfully. I would have felt so bad if i would have hurt him by just being ignorant about how to do things.