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Full Version: Search engine problems
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Anyone else having trouble searching old post? Any time I try it, it always times out and sometimes freezes my mouse. I have used it in the past with no problems and I have plenty of memory...any ideas?
Same thing's been happening to me, too. I have no idea what's causing it. It's been just the past few days.
Chuck, oh Chuuuuuuuck, you there?[Big Grin] Still can't get the search engine to work, even defragmented my disk to see if that would help but it still won't load.[Sad]
What are your search terms and parameters? I was able to search with no problem.

Search for
wormers (search for all words)
all forums
entire message
any date

I was trying to find an old post I wrote on wormers. I thought maybe the problem was searching for my own posts but I just tried to search "conformation" and "Hook" and it timed out for that too.
Hmmm, think the problem was with mozilla, I could run the searches on Microsoft Explorer but not mozilla... updated mozilla and things are much better.