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Full Version: Mama Flash is due to Foal March 12
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Flash Back Fax is bred to AQHA Champion, Superior Western Pleasure horse, Skip Zan Parr (who happens to be Profit's Dad). She is Jet black with a small white blaze and some white on her back foot. Mrs. Hook is hoping for a "Champion Black Filly".

She specifically asked the Stallion owner to sort the semen and only ship the nice girly pink ones and take out all the nasty blue boy ones so the filly part is guaranteed. Don't know about the Black, but I find her in the barn regularly, chanting to Flash - Champion Black FILLY, Champion BLACK Filly, CHAMPION BLACK FILLY ........

Stall Camera is up and bought a new gadget to show the picture on the big TV, one in the bedroom and two small monitors. The gadget uses the VCR to process the signal from the camera so I am hoping if things go right we may be able to record the blessed event.

I think I am really, really addicted to horses. ( HAA , may need some help)
Sure hope you get what you want! And you really DON'T want to miss it, do you? And I KNOW you are really, really addicyed...you are the founder of HAA!

Respectfully, 1st VP of DE HAA
And the web foal camera will be turned on when? You know that we want to watch for the blessed event, too!

Yes, you are hopelessly addicted; no doubt about that!

Hey Hook, does Flashback Fax have Classified Fax in her line anywhere? My Father-in-law had a stud named Classified Fax for years who was pretty well known. Just curious.
NO Web Cam . Out in the country we have dial-up and only one line.
Originally posted by FLOOPER

Hey Hook, does Flashback Fax have Classified Fax in her line anywhere? My Father-in-law had a stud named Classified Fax for years who was pretty well known. Just curious.

Not directly in her pedigree.

Flash Black Fax 2948729 1990 black mare
SIRE side of pedigree Triple Chick 1955
0072953 brown
Three Bars (TB) 1940
T0065983 chestnut

Triple's Image 1969
0604754 sorrel
Chicado V 1950
0029689 brown

Phffft 1954
0058995 sorrel
Leo 1940
0001335 sorrel

Triple Fax 1976
1231643 sorrel
Sue Hancock Krohn 1948
0150192 sorrel

Log Cabin Quest 1962
0368163 chestnut
Little Request (TB) 1950
T0059733 chestnut

Kat's Kitten 1971
0755579 sorrel
Stage Girl 1957
0111038 chestnut

Log Cabin Cat 1964
0341099 bay
Uncle Pardner 1949
0024258 bay

El Centro Baby 1954
0056386 sorrel


DAM side of pedigree Coy's Bonanza 1959
0143099 sorrel
Jaguar 1952
0046483 bay

Bonanza's Rusty 1970
0704689 sorrel
Sparky Joann 1953
0042112 bay

Rusty Bailarina 1959
0114344 sorrel
Rusty Roper 1955
0051488 chestnut

Maid of Bonanza 1977
1261470 bay
Tamo Rena 1952
0033085 dun

Handicap 1951
0029187 bay
Leo 1940
0001335 sorrel

Leo's Pinup Bay 1963
0257128 bay
Lena Horn 1943
0003475 black

Chigger Pants 1950
0105966 sorrel
Scar Neck 1943
0019449 palomino

Juanita M 1943
0113617 chestnut


Not directly in her pedigree.

Here is a picture of flash and Promise from two years ago. Promise is now just two years old, 15.2 in front and 15.3 behind.

[Image: Promise040228-1.jpg]

Well your getting close. I still have about 8 weeks before my mare foals--has been a very uneventful pregnancy -which is good!
She is our Appy mare and is bred to a Dun Quarter horse stallion. I am hoping for a Dun filly with a blanket on her rump!! But as long as its healthy we'll be happy. Keep us posted on the progress of your mare
Only one more week to go. Everything seems to be progressing nicely. Just opened up the stall for foaling it is now 20X12. Installed Stall heater in case we need it, ( overhead infrared tool shop type). Gave flash a bath and washed all the important baby places. I will keep you posted and post a picture.

It looks like she will be very close to her due date.

( love the Google spell check)
Mama Flash is due today but she is not cooperating. Looks like another week.
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