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Full Version: Grade Appy
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[Image: d21772ea.jpg]

This is Hi-Grey. He is a 13-year old grade appaloosa; 15.2 hands.

I don't know much about this stuff, but I think he is beautiful! And clean![^] Looks like a sweetheart too!
As i said before...he's such a "purty" fellow. Very well kept. He has a very full tail for an Appy. Most I've seen are a little thinner. He looks like a keeper to me.
Hi-Grey is a 4 wheel drive TANK. LOL! You can't appreciate how really wide he is in this picture but that boy has some major muscle in his rear, shoulders, forearms and has the inverted V made where forearms & chest meet. No little stick legs for Hi-Grey!

And just as if not more important for a trail horse, he's calm, patient and sane. Even on the rare occasions that he's spooked, it more of a sideways jump and that's the end of it.

His only fault is that he doesn't stay this clean! [Wink]
Awwwww, shucks, PG (beaming with pride), thanks. He is a tank, isn't he? A good thing, of course, since he has to lug me around! lol. In my opinion his major conformation flaw would be his back as it is a tad long. For what little I know about conformation, he seems to be put together rather well. I'm hoping with all of the riding I have planned this year he'll be in the best shape ever. You are so right about his fault of not staying clean; however, White 'N Brite is my friend! lol

TripleB, he is the best trail horse I've ever owned. Great personality and wonderful trail skills. Most definitely a keeper.

Beccajane, I don't believe he is foundation bred; rather, a cross with a QH would be my guess. An interesting side note is that if he was still a stud, he'd throw color everytime since few spot leopards are homozygous. This pic was taken after his first bath of the spring last year. He'll be getting the first one this year in a few weeks, replete with the visit from Ms. Hand (i.e., sheath cleaning).

Any other opinions from those with a trained eye?

One word about few spots; They have to be a few spot from birth and have at least(I think) one parent that was a leopard and leopard close up in the pedigree on both sides to be a true few spot. A horse that was born roan or a solid base color other than white that then roaned to white or almost white is not a true few spot and will not throw 100% color. Of course I have not idea what Hi-Grey looked like when he was a baby[Wink].

Here's a pic taken during last year's DE ride in Hoosier National Forest out of Midwest Trail Ride horse camp. That's EZ & Warsong on the left, my friend Donna on Red in the middle, and Appygirl & Hi-Grey on the right:

[Image: 100_0065.jpg]
What a great ride that was, RH; thanks for sharing that pic. (I'm trying to make an album of pics of Hi-Grey, could you email me the ones you have? Anyone else have any?)

From what I've learned from a guy who once recognized Hi-Grey and told me his history, his dam is/was a few spot leopard (registered) and he was born colored as he is now; no roaning. He didn't know what/who his sire was.

Interestingly (some have heard me say this before), when I first saw Hi-Grey I thought he was the ugliest horse I had ever seen and I almost didn't buy him because of it. But I chided myself with the old addage that "you don't buy a horse for color". It is by far the best horse-buying decision I have EVER made.

Sure I sometimes fuss and cuss with all the extra effort needed to keep that boy clean during camping/trailriding, but I have yet to go somewhere and not have someone come up and talk to me about his coloration and solidness.

I sometimes wonder what Hi-Grey was thinking of me me when he realized I was buying him! ;o)

Thanks for the info. on the few spot breeding, RH.
Here's a pic of Hi-Grey that gives a better depiction of his muscled hindquarters.

[Image: 525a7a23.jpg]
I like the "tank" look!
Me too! My kind of guy! My old palomino was built like that. I believe he's a keeper! Glad you bought him too!
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