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 Bad wormer kills 5 horses
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mtn rider

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Posted - 02/24/2006 :  09:59:25 AM  Show Profile Send mtn rider a Private Message
My friend found this on another board.
Please take it with a grain of salt, as I cannot verify it to be completly true.
I am posting it anyway, as a "better safe than sorry" thing.
Here begins the copy of the post:

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 6:17 am Post subject: wormer warning


this is off a Vet site I belong to - it is not confirmed as of yet but early warning is critical if there really is a problem - please check your wormers

Posted by Administration on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 - 7:25 am:


This came off the Competitive Trail (CTR) discussion site. Dr O, do
you know anything about this:
"Per Bimection manufacturer the lot number is 5J019. Return the
dewormers for a full refund to the store where they were purchased.

Off another list:
We have had quite a tragedy at our ranch the last few days, and after
talking to my attorney she gave me the go ahead to tell others about
it. I wormed 5 of my horses with BIMECTIN wormer on WEDNESDAY, when I
went out to give them breakfast
on THURSDAY, they looked sick. My vet was contacted. Long story short,
by FRIDAY they where down and could not get up, and by saturday and
sunday they DIED.

The other horses wormed the same day with a DIFFERENT wormer are FINE.
These horses
had the same feed, water, hay etc, the ONLY difference in the horses
was the WORMER.
My vet after seeing them told me he HAS seen this BEFORE. A MASSIVE
overdose of wormer. Normally a batch of wormer made too strong at the


The necropsies will be performed on the horses and the wormers that I
still have from the case with the same lot numbers will be going to
independent labs for testing. We lost, 2 young stallions, 1 PREG mare
(due in June) 1 yearling, and 1 weanling is still breathing as I type
but we expect her to die.

Kathleen Wheat

Thanks Kathleen. This is the first I have heard of this but certainly
a heads up warning for any members using this product. DON't until
this story is either confirmed or debunked and remember this is just a
story at this time.
End of copy of the post.

Further discussion in the thread also woke me up to the fact that any of the "ivermectin" type of wormers are leathal to dogs. I will now copy that part as well.

Begin copy:
Speaking of wormers,
Do you all know that ivermectin will kill collies, border collies and shelties. My collie sparky licked a couple kernels of grain that our mule dropped from his mouth directly after being paste wormed. The dog was rushed to the emergency clinic but the damage was so severe and fast that my beautiful dog had to be destroyed. Many horse owners own these types of dogs so please don't let this happen to you.

Hi Vivian and other collie owners, It is all "ectin" products. I lost my < 2 yr old collie in Nov'05 to Quest. I was fully aware of ivermectin being lethal to my dog. Didn't think about what the horse would spit out and when I left the barnyard, the dog came by way of where I had wormed one mare. I will never worm my horses in the field now. They will be brought into a stall and watched for spit out wormer.

end of copy.

Wow, huge thing for me to learn today.
I have a 2yo aussie shepard, that just LIVES for the horses, and never ever thought of this happening. You can bet I will be very careful in future.

If you are so inclined, maybe pass this along to your local wormer suppliers.

Ride safe, return safe.


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Posted - 02/24/2006 :  10:20:59 AM  Show Profile Send paintedbliss a Private Message
I read this on another site as well. I took it with a grain of salt. I feel bad for the horses though.

Edited by - paintedbliss on 02/24/2006 10:27:36 AM
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Posted - 02/24/2006 :  12:16:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit Stormie's Homepage Send Stormie a Private Message
From what I have heard the company says that yes the horses got sick and died.

They tested the samples they keep from each batch and they are fine.

At least 4 people I have heard from have used tubes from this dewormer without problem, one of them used 11 tubes without issue.

The woman did send out what she had to a lab but it hasn't come back.

There are some things that don't add up but they are only rumor since I haven't heard anyone confirm them.
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Posted - 02/24/2006 :  3:55:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit fracturedbones's Homepage Send fracturedbones a Private Message
Saw the same claim on my fjord horse list, not sure if hoax, true or what. Think the lot sold from Jeffers. I was at Stateline Tack this week to purchase wormer, they were out of Ivermectin which is pretty strange. Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but rumored on my fjord list Stateline Tack had pulled theirs..but I personally don't recall them carrying that name brand.
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Posted - 02/24/2006 :  9:02:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Stormie's Homepage Send Stormie a Private Message
She got the tubes from Country Supply.
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Posted - 02/25/2006 :  2:37:20 PM  Show Profile Send sbower a Private Message
Interesting...I, like Stormie, am a little skeptical, assuming an average sized horse you would have to overdose by 60 times the effective dose before any problems are seen... Pretty unlikely. Now if the owner in question had used Quest I'd be far more likely to believe this. I'm not a big fan of Quest, its effective but a litle too toxic for my liking. It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

Just out of curiousity I checked the FDA website and found this:
BIMECTIN (ivermectin) Paste 1.87% filed by Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd. (ANADA 200-326). The ANADA provides for oral use of 1.87% ivermectin paste in horses for the treatment and control of various species of internal parasites or parasitic conditions. Cross Vetpharm Groupís BIMECTIN Paste 1.87% is approved as a generic copy of -Merial Limitedís EQVALAN Paste, approved under NADA 134-314. Notice of approval was published February 22, 2005.

Anyone find it a little too coincidental that the report of possible toxicity was made exactly one year to the day after approval?

_(( // ====

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Trail Boss (Moderator)

5300 Posts

Posted - 02/25/2006 :  3:18:52 PM  Show Profile Send PaintGal a Private Message
As I understand the problem, it was that the wormer put into the tubes was not the proper strength. It had not been diluted to the proper dosage at the manufacturers so was much too toxic for the recommended dosage.

It has been pulled from Country Supply and I couldn't find it listed at Jeffers or Stateline. All wormers are toxic. The trick is to find the dosage that will kill the parasites but not the host animals.

I hope it's NOT true and no one has lost horses or that horses have suffered from it but I know if I had that wormer & especially if I had that particular lot number, there's no way I'd be using it and I'd be really grateful for the warning.

Karen ~ Trails
Joe Paint Gelding
Paoli, IN

"My treasures do not sparkle or glitter, they shine in the sun and neigh in the night."

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Posted - 02/25/2006 :  3:27:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit EZ2SPOT's Homepage Send EZ2SPOT a Private Message
Just to be on the safe side, I sure would not use any of this wormer if I had any around!

But...I am still not totally convinced it is not a hoax. Like sbower said, it would take an awful lot of Ivermectin to harm an equine. A few years ago, I accidentally (the dosage ring slipped)gave my dad's 300 lb donkey the full 1200 lb horse dose of Ivermectin. We checked with the vet, who said not to worry, as it had a large margin of safety. Sure enough, he had absolutely no side effects from it.

I am NOT disregarding the internet warnings, just saying there are things that have me wondering....

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Posted - 02/26/2006 :  01:33:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit Stormie's Homepage Send Stormie a Private Message
The company did test their batch samples and they are NORMAL. So for it to be a case of the tubes being too strong it would need to be something like a half mixed batch and only her tubes got the strong part. But then the batch samples should have read low not normal.

One way they test dewormers on horses is to give over doses for a number of days or number of weeks. I don't know for sure on each one but I know that some of the Iver. are tested by giving horses 3x to 5x the normal dose once a week for 5 weeks and another test is to give one full dose a day for a week.

I'm not really questioning that she lost the horses since even the company had known about it but I have heard a number of comments about the vet and how the case was handled. Also two different stories about how the company is handling the woman. And of course I have heard personally from a number of people that have used tubes of this batch number without problems but have not heard one single person say they have used it with problems. Only people saying that others with problems have come forward.
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Posted - 02/26/2006 :  5:01:19 PM  Show Profile Send sbower a Private Message
Straight from the horses mouth


_(( // ====

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Country Bumpkin
Advanced Rider

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Posted - 02/27/2006 :  11:55:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit Country Bumpkin's Homepage Send Country Bumpkin a Private Message
I'm still not going to use the Bimectin wormer I bought. I heard that there were other Lot #s affected by it and other horses besides that woman's 5 died from it. I also heard the company tried to say that womans 5 horses died from some other problem not related to the wormer, when they hadn't even seen her horses or talked to her vet.
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Posted - 03/01/2006 :  11:19:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit dodib's Homepage Send dodib a Private Message
I JUST ordered and received this same brand of dewormer from Country Supply---received the order yesterday
Should I be worried, I haven't given it yet.

Dorthy Brown
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Posted - 03/01/2006 :  11:23:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit dodib's Homepage Send dodib a Private Message
I will check my lot number when I get home

Dorthy Brown
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Posted - 03/01/2006 :  12:54:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit lCPERFORMANCEHORSES's Homepage Send lCPERFORMANCEHORSES a Private Message
BATCH LOT # 5j019 EXPIRES SEPT 07 BIMECTRIN, is the one linked to the deaths.

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Posted - 03/05/2006 :  1:38:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit eqstrnn's Homepage Send eqstrnn a Private Message
Here's another story that I wouldn't believe if I had not heard it from the "horse's mouth". We have a problem here in SoCal with biting midges (sweet itch) which often includes neck threadworm infestation. The owner of some Holsteiners (a do-it-yourself kind of guy, in the worst sense of the word!) learned that 12 tubes of Ivermectin was the lethal dose for a horse. He decided to use 8 tubes PER HORSE AT ONE DOSE, to kill off the threadworms, but yet not kill his horses. It worked, except the worms all died off and the necrotic worms caused irritation and the horses scratched as the dead worms erupted through their necks - risking terrible infection. Somehow, his horses all survived - probably without benefit of a veterinarian, knowing this guy. This story just illustrates that it DOES take a large quantity of Ivermectin to kill a horse.
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